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Late 2023/Early 2024 Honeymoon Location Ideas in Caribbean?

Hi everyone! My fiancé and I are looking to go on our honeymoon this upcoming November 2023 – also open to early 2024. We are definitely interested in the Caribbean (NO MEXICO, NO DOMINICAN, NO JAMAICA). Must be an easy flight from the northeast, I’m located in Philly. I am having a tough time finding something that ticks all of our boxes. Our budget is 1k per day, which I think it’s quite accomodating? Here is a breakdown of what we are looking for. Let me know any thoughts/recs! – must be ON the beach (this is why we do not want Jade Mountain resort in St Lucia or Serenity Coconut Bay because these resorts are not on the beach) – we don’t care about any activities (we want to just lay on the beach) – we don’t care about having a butler service – good food (especially breakfast) is a must! (will be judged for this – but sugar beach resort in St Lucia is off our list because I heard their breakfast sucks and I think that’s ridiculous considering it’s a 5 star resort) – I’d like it to be modern…some resorts reminds me of the resort rooms from the 90s – lastly, no crazy transfers (we don’t have lots of PTO to spend the day on a private plane, then a boat, then a car, ya know?)

Would love any input! Thank you!

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