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Late May – Early June Honeymoon (2025)

Hi there! My fiancee and I are in the beginning stage planning of our honeymoon and need some help lol. With all the options out there for spot selections we feel like kids in a candy store and are having trouble narrowing down where we would like to go! We would be flying out of DFW and are pretty open to our destination spot. (We are eloping so the majority of our funds is going to honeymoon)

We are looking for somewhere to relax but also have things to sightsee. Would like a spot that it's not peak season so it's not overly crowded. Our time away to spend is ~2 weeks.

Some spots are on our list is Bali, Greece, Switzerland, Egypt, Brazil/Peru, Italy. Any suggestions for those who have visited these spots or have different recommendations for this time of year?

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