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Late September Suggestions

My fiancé and I are getting married this September and are struggling to think of a honeymoon destination. For reference, we are from Minnesota and are looking to stay within the United States and go international for our 1 year anniversary. We'd like to go somewhere warm, so we're trying to avoid going north, unless we find the perfect option. My fiancé hasn't traveled much within the States – he's mainly been to Las Vegas and Florida – so he's pretty open as to where we go. I grew up doing lots of summer roadtrips so I've been to the West Coast, Midwest, and Southern states.

We are leaning more towards East Coast right now, but I'm concerned about weather. I know hurricane season is typically in the fall, would late September be a bad time to go to the coast? We've also talked about going to California, but again are concerned about wildfire season (I'm not sure what time of year they usually occur). We enjoy outdoor activities, but aren't really fond of hiking, and we both love history and local cuisine! Any suggestions for a late September honeymoon would be greatly appreciated!

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