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London/Paris/France travel and itinerary

Ok, booked flights and most hotels. Still figuring this out. I have some highlights we know we want to do.

March 28-29 – red eye to London, arrive 12pm 3/28.

3/30 – first day in London. TBD. Staying in Maryelbone at the treehouse hotel.

3/31 – probably Tower of London. Maybe a museum – things that aren’t closed.

4/1 – similar, looking for things that aren’t closed.

4/2 – day trip to Bath. Jane Austen Centre and Roman Baths.

4/3 – travel to Paris. Staying in 4th – walk around/explore.

4/4 – louvre AM, several hours. Walk gardens after. Seine cruise evening? Or maybe Eiffel (don’t plant to go up).

4/5 – Versailles. May do boutique bike trip tour.

4/6 – pantheon, Saint chapelle, Luxembourg gardens, walk by notre dame, maybe catacombs.

4/7 – easy day, but views from Montparnasse, maybe outside of moulin rouge, etc. another museum?

4/8 – leave, rent car, drive to Mont St Michel. Stay overnight nearby.

4/9 – drive to amboise. Clos du Luce.

4/10 – tbd chateau

4/11 – tbd chateau

4/12 – travel back to London.

4/13 – fly home.

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