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Looking for advice – $4500 budget, first week of May 2022

My fiancée has left me primarily in charge of the honeymoon. I talked to a travel agent who essentially decided I should go to a sandals resort in Jamaica for 5 nights. I like the idea of it being all inclusive, that I don’t have to worry about any extra expenses except spa stuff. We were about to book it, but I figured I should at least look into or seek out some alternatives around our budget.

Budget is $4500 including flights, hotel, food, alcohol, excursions, tips, taxes, etc. and we’re honeymooning the first week of May. I’ve really only looked into the Caribbean, but there are just too many options with too many variables to know which ones are better deals.

We definitely want to be on a beach, but at the very least need to be near one. We’re not looking to meet other couples or make friends, and we don’t want a party scene. We want to relax on a beach, have some decent to better-than-decent food, and ideally have some kind of off-resort excursion or two, along the lines of hiking, white water rafting, kayaking, seeing some beautiful nature, etc.

The thing I’ve considered are Hawaii (which seems generally out of the budget), Mexico (which had enough options that I’m sure something is in the budget, but I don’t know what’s worth going to), and the Caribbean islands (jamaica and Aruba seemed the most likely to fit in our budget, but the resorts mostly seem like they aren’t particularly close to the types of excursions we’d want).

I’m happy to answer anything that can help, and I’d appreciate any advice, and I’d especially appreciate your experiences (good and bad) from similar trips in this price range.


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