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Looking for advice! Honeymoon in Italy mid September.

Hello! I have honestly never been in this subreddit, so I am a bit unaware of the rules, and if this is not the right format or place, let me know!

My fiancé and I are getting married in the western US mid September (we are from the same area). It’s been a bit tricky to plan with covid, and honestly thought we might wait another year. Now that most of our friends and family are vaccinated (or have had the opportunity to do so), we are actually going forward with our plans.

We are now talking about the honeymoon and have agreed Italy is somewhere we would both love to go. My biggest questions are regarding safety. I am not so concerned for us, but for the people who live in the areas we might visit. We do not want to make anyone uncomfortable or put anyone at risk by bringing foreigners (especially North Americans) to their hometowns if it is dangerous or unwelcome.

Beyond covid, I would love some suggestions!!

We are planning about 9 days days including travel. I think we would both love to spend a few days in a larger city with an interesting history, museums, etc. and the remaining days somewhere slightly more remote. Ideally with beautiful scenery, good food and good drinks.

Thank you to anyone reading this.

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