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Looking for Advice: Planning one week in Greece then one week Caribbean all inclusive

I’m currently planning my honeymoon and my fiancée and I just decided to make an adjustment. Initially we were planning to do a week in Greece followed by a week in Italy with a few days in Paris to close it out. Once we realized how much moving, flying, hotels, trains etc it would be, it didn’t seem very relaxing.

Now we are looking at doing our first week/10 days in Greece and then heading to the Caribbean for a week at a luxury resort. We would like to have a week of Greek culture, historical sites, travelling town to town, followed by a week of complete relaxation at an all inclusive.

Here are our trip details:

-Departing from Toronto on October 3rd 2022

-budget for total trip (flights, hotels, meals, spending money) is $15k

-Planning for Santorini/Mykonos while in Greece

-Looking for AI in St Lucia, Antigua, Aruba, etc – not interested in Mexico/Jamaica/Cuba/Dominican

Key Questions -is this a good idea given flight distance and potential lack of direct flight from Athens to Antigua, for example (any tips on booking this flight would be appreciated)

-if anyone has gone on a trip like this, how did it go? Would you recommend it?

-recommendations for all inclusive resorts – ideally 5 star with a butler option

-any other tips/suggestions so we can get the most out of our trip would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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