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Looking for an Adventure-moon

My partner and I are planning our honeymoon for August 2024. We are into hiking/paddling/camping and a lot of our vacations have been to national parks in the US but we would like to go international for this trip. Our budget is $8000 including airfare. We want to do at least a week but would love to do 10-12 days if possible.

Our dream trip has a mix of adventure and relaxation. We want to have activities like sailing/kayacking, scuba, hiking, caving, etc. We are flexible on what the activities are depending on the region. We also don’t want to have to plan out the minuta of campsites and train/bus tickets, so we are looking for a package or tour that includes most of the planning.

We’ve strongly considered doing a Fjord tour in Norway through various tour companies, but worry navigating trains and buses may be a bit too stressful. We don’t want a group tour and we’re looking at the self guided ones like [](Authentic Scandinavia). The amount of travel days and constantly changing hotels was also a downside.

Opposite end of the spectrum, we have considered Belize with a few days in the Jungle and the rest on the beach. We are a bit concerned that August might not be the best time to visit Belize and would love some advice.

We have been looking at [](Caves Branch) and [](St. George’s Caye) for resorts. They offered an all inclusive package with 3 nights at Caves and 4 at St. George’s for $6600 plus the cost of excursions. This includes airport shuttles as well. Does anyone have experience with these resorts or recommend others in Belize?

Or completely different recommendations for a new location? Thanks!

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