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Looking for an inclusive resort

I just got married on Sunday and my husband and I are trying to plan a honeymoon for sometime June-August, as I am a teacher and can't take off that much time during the school year. We were originally wanting to do a Sandals resort but after we started looking at Sandals we realized they charged per person per night and would cost about a $1000 a night and it just isn't doable for us. We were considering a cruise but I'm hesitant because I get seasick and going from port to port everyday sounds less fun than just staying at a resort for the whole time, but the price is more along what we can spend. Roughly, we want to go somewhere for 7 to 10 day but can't afford more than like $6000 for it. I've been trying to look into cruises and other inclusive resorts outside of the US but was hoping someone might be able to recommend some places to check out?

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