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Looking for honeymoon travel advice

My fiancé and I are getting married in mid October. We weren’t initially going to honeymoon right after the wedding, but we fell into some United travel/airline credits that need to be used sooner rather than later.

It was always our dream to go to Europe for a honeymoon to relax and explore! I was ideally thinking Greece or Italy. We are both adventurous people, so we want a place with plenty to do other than lounge on the beach or by the pool, but absolutely want to allot a few days to relax as well.

The catch is that we both work full time and only got off the week after the wedding. We are planning to leave the morning after our wedding (Sunday) from DFW, and return the following Saturday night or Sunday. We would like to fly through United as much as we can, as that’s who our vouchers are through, but understand that to get to some of the islands or beaches, we might need to get more transportation.

I guess I am looking for recommendations for where we can stay in one place for a week and relax, but with the option of plenty to do.

Do we think that 6 nights is enough time to travel to Europe and still get an immersive experience? If you think 6 days is enough, where would our time be best spent? Although Italy and Greece are in the lead, we are open to pretty much wherever!

Although Europe is the dream, we are also looking into Maui and the Caribbean as second and third options. We just want to make sure wherever we go has plenty to do!

We would ideally want to save money where we can, as our budget isn’t unlimited, but our travel/flight vouchers are helping us out with costs tremendously, so we are able to spend more on accommodations/experiences.

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