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Looking for input for Spain/Morocco Itinerary

Hey all,

My fiancé and I are finally getting around to planning our late October honeymoon. We have 12 days (although I wish it was more). We are definitely wanting to hit Barcelona and Andalusia, and I'm really hoping to also fit in Marrakesh. Am I overambitious with this itinerary? We love history, beautiful sights, and new cultures!

Day 1-3: Barcelona, Spain

Day 4-6: Granada, Spain (Day 6 has a day trip to Ronda)

Day 7-9: Seville, Spain (Day 9 day trip to Cordoba)

Day 10-12: Marrakech, Morocco

Would love any feedback! We also thought about Portugal but will likely do the Camino someday, and also talked about Malta, Southern Italy, Greece, etc… We live near a beach so aren't that enthralled by beaches.

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