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Looking for Location recommendations

Hi everyone,

I got married almost 1 year ago in a foreign country to my lovely wife. While I'm staying in my home country most of the time, my wife has had to stay in her country because she hasn't been granted a permanent visa yet (her request is still in process).

Because of this circumstance we have not had our honeymoon yet. The idea is that we do it as soon as she gets the visa.

Over the months we've talked about this Topic many times and we also had a few ideas (Iceland, Singapore, Indonesia) but we could never quite make a decision because we were either uncertain about it or because there was something we didn't like.

Our idea of an ideal honeymoon would be somewhat like this:

  • Nice hotel next to a beach
  • City nearby with some shopping malls
  • A good selection of restaurants where we can have dinner
  • Some sort of guided tour or maybe hiking available if we feel adventurous

I was hoping maybe there are people here who have already had their honeymoon and can give some recommendations or share their experience.

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