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Looking for some advice. Honeymoon end of May 2024

Hi! I’m looking for a bit of advice/assistance with coordinating our honeymoon. My wife’s close friend is getting married in Italy (Lake Cuomo) end of May. We’re thinking of starting our honeymoon at the wedding. In my mind, I’ve planned out 3/4 days in/near Lake Cuomo (not sure if this is too long), 6/7 days in the Greek islands, and 4/5 days in Mallorca.

We’re both 29 yrs old. Looking for a mix of relaxing beach days, catamaran/boat days, beach clubs, night life, great restaurants, views, etc. Not really interested in historical tours or museums.

Any must see/do places, hotels, restaurants, beach/day clubs?

Any must dos/sees at Lake Cuomo?

What Greek islands should we go to? How long? How many?

Budget wise, we’d like to keep the hotels at $400-500 per night, but open to more if needed. No budget on dinners.

Thank you in advance!

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