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Looking for suggestions for less expensive resorts in hawaii that still feel romantic

My fiancé and I are considering Hawaii for our December 2021 honeymoon. We're hoping to go for about a week and keep it at around $5,000 or so including flights and everything. There's some flexibility, but we want to stick as close to this budget as we can.

We want to incorporate a few adventurous outings, but we also want to spend lots of downtime just relaxing and swimming wherever we are staying, so we want a place that feels romantic and relaxing to spend time in. With the more expensive resorts it's a safe bet to expect a relaxing, romantic vibe, but with the less expensive options, it's hard to figure out which places will be more family friendly and which places will feel more calm and adult.

We don't need a high end luxury resort, but we want a place that has a calm and relaxing feel- clean and comfortable, beautiful, not too many kids running around. (We like kids, just don't need them to be part of our honeymoon!)

Does anyone have suggestions for good middle-ground places to stay that have some of the romance and peacefulness of a more luxury resort, just without as many of the luxury services that more expensive places would offer?

Or is it pretty much a given that any less expensive place is going to have lots of families and kids and such, and thus have a less romantic and relaxing feel?

It's important to me to have a swimming beach connected to the resort/hotel.

I'd appreciate it if anyone has advice or experiences to share! Thanks so much!

To add: we’re not set on any particular island!

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