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Luxury Recommendations June 2025

As the title reads, my fiancé & I are looking for travel destinations after our wedding in June of 2025. I’d be absolutely lying if I said we didn’t just want to go to Florida, we reside in the southern states and our home away from home is truly a private beach area in Destin, FL. We go every summer, lounge, eat at our favorite local spots & it’s truly the best. We would just go there, however we have decided we need to branch out once since this is our honeymoon and we need some time away somewhere new. Our budget is around 8000, but we are looking for a similar feel somewhere else. Beaching, relaxing, lounging, and good food is a must. I myself have some pretty bad travel anxiety, and I’ve never left the country, so particularly somewhere safe. We considered the Maldives but it’s almost a 24 hour flight and we are not wanting to be on a plane for near that long. I know this is a long list of pickyness but if anyone has any recommendations of places they’ve enjoyed to just relax, enjoy the water,maybe do a bit of exploring, and eat good grub, that’s our kinda place!

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