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Luxury stay in a less exciting destination, or "standard" stay in prime destination?

My husband and I got married in February 2020, but weren't able to take our honeymoon. We're planning something for March 2022, but I'm having a really hard time making a decision.

We want to go to the Caribbean for 2 weeks, and our budget is 15k. We want an adults-only, all-inclusive resort.

There are a ton in Cancun/Western Caribbean. I've been to Cancun a few times, and it's just..fine. It's very commercialized and Americanized. It doesn't have much natural beauty. But our money would go so far there. We could afford an awesome room upgrade, like a swim-up suite and butler service. And we're flying from Houston, so the flights are so easy.

But then there's the eastern Caribbean. It's beautiful, and more relaxing/laid back. Turks and Caicos is beautiful, and I've never been. But we'd have to sacrifice a luxury stay to find something more affordable.

My husband has no opinion. He just likes to hang out at the beach/pool and drink. But I dive, snorkel, and like to explore wherever we go. We'll rent a car for at least a portion of the trip.

I'd be open to splitting the trip between 2 locations, as long as the travel would be easy (ie a short ferry ride or drive).

We've been to Aruba a few times, and St Kitts. Also Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Cozumel.

Please help.

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