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Maldives for a honeymoon in July 2021? Thoughts from someone who has been?

Hi, my fiancé and I are (belatedly) planning our honeymoon this late July 2021. I found some truly beautiful resorts with overwater bungalows. However, I have two main concerns: (1) will the weather be risky in July? I read that there is a chance of some rainy days in the summer, while it gets particularly wet in August/September. Has anyone visited in July? (2) my second concern pertains to general water safety. I ready some articles by UK press that tourists frequently drown in the ocean in the Maldives. I’m not one for risky water sports, but was wondering how much we can enjoy the ocean (eg. taking a regular swim at the beach or from the overwater bungalow) or is it truly risky?

Some background: Our lack of planning ahead is primarily due to uncertainty regarding covid but we hope to be vaccinated by July and able to travel safely. He had previously dreamt of a luxury exclusive honeymoon in Hawaii. However, we are in the Middle East and the flight distance as well as covid restrictions makes Hawaii a logistically-difficult honeymoon. So, I suggested Maldives as a similar beach luxury vacation that makes more logistical sense. The overwater bungalows also seem very intriguing.

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