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March/April 2022 suggestions

My husband and I got married a few months ago and are planning our honeymoon. Before we look at a travel agent I thought I’d call on my trusty Reddit family for help. Here’s what we’re looking for and what we are working with: Time of year: March/April Budget: ~4-5000, my husband wants all inclusive (I’m not sold haha) Location: somewhere warm, comfortable beaches, tropical/mountains/jungles- we want somewhere unique and not too “chain hotel “ feeling if that makes sense. Activities: mostly wanting to relax with a few days of activities to see culture/authentic take away Duration: 7-10 days

We have narrowed down a few places and ideas ideas in mind including Costa Rica, St. Lucia (very expensive but open to any cheap recs) or any other places.

Also, if anyone has a person travel agent they recommend please let me know below! Thank you so much for reading and any suggestions.

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