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Mauritius or Belize? Help us pick a destination!

We are hoping to book our honeymoon for November but got stuck in decision paralysis (a luxury problem really 😅).

We have whittled it down to Mauritius and Belize as they both seem like amazing places with lots to do and see. While we are looking for a relaxing vacation it’s nice to have options. We would love opinions, recommendations and the like!

Duration: 2-3 weeks in November (early December works too)

Budget: +/- 10.000€ (aprox. 10.700$)

What we would like: beaches, a lovely resort, great local food and culture, options for excursions, snorkelling trips etc.(we are by no means not thrill seekers, so no zip lining, sky diving etc.)

If you have been to either of those places and have recommendations I would be so grateful to hear them!

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