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Mauritius vs Maldives for 7 day all inclusive honeymoon?

Hi all, looking for some perspective. This will be my wife's first overseas trip. She's a doctor so the main focus will be recovery and relaxation.

We are debating between mauritius and the Maldives.

Mauritius is only 2 flights, one domestic and one straight flight totaling about 5 hours. There seems to be a ton to do at this Mauritius beach comber resort all inclusive package. There is also the entire country to explore if we get bored with the resort. You can go to the other hotels in the chain for sports and restaurants as part of the all inclusive.

Maldives will be 3 flights, 1 domestic, 1 connection in doha then to destination so around 19 odd hours then a 45 min seaplane, which isn't that bad because it would be a first. The island is very small and private. Spectacular house reef. The water Vila gives you access to a set menu restaurant with a new menu every day which is exciting. All inclusive except for excursions.

The Mauritius trip is quite a bit cheaper but I guess we can use the extra to do other things on the island. Maldives seems like less but maybe the seclusion will be relaxing, also it seems very "honeymoony"

What are your thoughts/experiences

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