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May 2020 honeymoon ideas?

Me and my FH just got engaged and have decided that we want a small cheap wedding so we can go all out on the honeymoon. Our budget is around $5,000 but that’s flexible. We are from the southeast of the United States and neither of us have ever been out of county, but have always wanted to go to Europe (Switzerland, Netherlands, and Italy are our most wanted) or Japan. We still wouldn’t mind some there in the US if it has everything we want! We like nature (I’m a HUGE animal lover), especially for some nice secluded alone time, but we also love cities with lots of site seeing. Neither of us drink, so night life isnt that big of a deal. Does anyone have any suggestions on where we should go/how we should go about planning? We are not picky at all and are terribly indecisive!

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