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May 2025 Honeymoon

My fiancé and I are struggling to decide on what to do for our honeymoon next year. My fiancé doesn't love to fly but can go up to 6 or 7 hours and be fine (we live in NYC). In theory, we want to do something relaxing in a nice place that kinda has maldives vibes with reasonable pricing to not break the bank, thinking like $400-$800/night. I don't know if this is actually possible, as what we want I feel like is only possible in Asia with our budget. We are also willing to pay around $1k/night if our ideal budget isn't possible. Looking for any suggestions of a great place to go! We love the idea of all inclusive, but to be honest we don't drink that much so the value might not be there for us, and potentially nicer place is on the table as we can sacrifice the all inclusive pricing.

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