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May/June ’24 – Honeymooners from Ireland! We can’t choose

We (F29 & M30) will be going on honeymoon after our wedding in early May next year 2024! We'll be flying out from Dublin

We HAVE done extensive research –

  1. talked to a reputable irish travel agent who specialises in honeymoons
  2. done our own research – various articles, travel guides, cost comparisons (spreadsheets!) etc
  3. looked at the weather and activities for each destination

We are struggling to choose between these places for minimum 2 weeks – 3 weeks our budget is probably upto £7K GBP/€8K Euros

– Bali

– Thailand (not backpacking, Fiancée has done that)

– Seychelles

– South Africa (not sure about it)

We want to do a stopover if possible in either Istanbul or Dubai and stay for a couple of nights there as part of the trip (if travelling eastwards from ireland).

Not choosing anywhere in Europe as we've been to a lot of it plus – florida & east coast USA, Sydney & Melbourne.

We like luxury places for relaxation, but we also like lots of choice to eat outside of our accomodation in local restaurants for breakfast lunch and dinner. We have never done all inclusive or half board. We wouldn't want to go somewhere that's "dead" or nothing happening in the remote area.

In contrast to the above we are also not after a city break or lots of public transport needed unless it was a small part of the trip, been there done that, its not relaxing, even though we're both physically fit and healthy. Large crowded places are not attractive either.

As a side note we have overlooked these destinations: Maldives, Hawaii, Sri Lanka,Zanzibar , Jamaica, Cancun, Caribbean Cruise, Mauritius, Dominican Republic, West Coast USA, Fiji, Canada, NZ, Japan

Reasons for overlooking these places are just simply haven't considered them yet or had time to research, they are too far from ireland flight time, we believe they may be boring/not enough to do etc

Thank you very much in advance! We are looking to book by September 2023. Enjoyed reading all your posts on here.

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