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Mediterranean Island Hopping- is it possible?

Hi all! Looking for some general advice and guidance for a Mediterranean honeymoon for late Sept/early Oct 2025. We are in the very early stages of planning, so looking to get a sense of what is or isn't possible.

I'd love to do a Mediterranean island hopping adventure for a 10-14 day honeymoon. Top of the list islands are Sicily, Corsica, and Mallorca. No desire to visit the Greek Islands. We are not cruise people but open to a ferry from port to port. No set budget right now- will set a budget once we have more concrete ideas.

Some background info on us: we are big US National Parks people! Once a year we do a road trip and hit as many parks as possible. Our trips aren't necessarily relaxing, more on the adventurous side. We want to do something different for our honeymoon: go outside the US and have some relaxing beach days. However, we aren't looking to spend 14 days on one resort. Food and drink are super important to us but given we are looking at the Med, I'm not too worried!

What are your thoughts? Is it possible to island hop in 10-14 days without being on a cruise? If it's possible, any itinerary suggestions? We are open to exploring almost any options. Thanks in advance 😊

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