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Mini Moon Ideas??

Getting married in 4 short weeks and our Mediterranean honeymoon has been ruined, so we are looking for US mini moon ideas, and thought I’d ask on here 🙂

*Coming from Idaho, want to spend 5 or so days there *Not a state hard hit by COVID *Preferably somewhere neither of us have been *Don’t wanna be hot as hell and sweaty the whole time

States we have not been to: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia

If you’ve got some good ideas for states not listed on here I’d still love to hear them!! We just want to go somewhere at this point after our wedding and will do the real honeymoon later when things are “normal” again, whatever that will mean. We both love the outdoors but don’t wanna spend the whole time doing that/ don’t want to sleep in a tent. We love good food, museums, but also love the idea of doing like a resort type thing too and just relaxing, because wedding during a pandemic has been super stressful.

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