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Minimoon in Colorado?

So as a way to meet in the middle (I love mountains and snow, she loves beaches), our honeymoon (mid december) is going to be a shorter one, around 5 days. A few months later we are going to hit up some beaches around Florida. Think of it like 2 "mini-moons".

That being said, I know we want to things: skiing for a day, and somewhere with hot springs. Oh, and obviously romantic. We are willing to travel around a bit in the rockies if need to to have both and stay a few days in two locations.

What are you guys' best thoughts on this? Any great towns with stuff to do outside of the two mentioned above would be awesome- snowmobiling, dog sleds, etc. Just some fun activities to take up some time when we are not relaxing or soaking in a hot spring.

Something relatively budget friendly is a huge plus! Plane tickets are pretty cheap there, but we may very well drive instead.

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