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My fiancé and I are offering to plan your honeymoon for cheap as a way to help us pay for our wedding

My fiance and I are planning to get married at the top of 2021 (if we're able to), but have been dealing with some financial strain due to the pandemic impacting our work situation.

We both love traveling and have hit almost every continent in the world. Part of the fun for us has been to research and plan for every country we hit when deciding where we want to go next.

To help with some of the costs for our wedding, we began offering to research and organize itineraries for couples who are looking to plan their honeymoon or personal vacations (lord knows we can all use one now).

In addition to recommendations for flights, hotels, and local activities – we also will outline travel hacks and general tips based on our experience in each city (ways to save money, known local scams to avoid, if an area accepts credit card or is a cash culture, etc).

To start now, we're charging $100.00 per itinerary to do all of this planning. If anyone is interested, please fill out the questionnaire at the link below and we'll be in touch to provide more information.

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