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My Greece Itinerary – please critique

So this is what I am thinking..

Fly into Athens at 1:30pm. Athens (1 or 2 nights). Corfu (4 or 5 nights). Chania, Crete (3 or 4 nights). Santorini (3 nights). Paros with potential day trip to Naxos (3 or 4 nights).

My questions:

  1. Is one night in Athens enough? Is 5 nights in Corfu too much, and is 4 enough?

  2. My fiancés birthday lands last day of Crete or first day of Santorini depending on how many nights I spend in Athens & Corfu. I am trying to plan something special. Maybe a different hotel in Crete?I was thinking Acro Wellness, but it is in Heraklion. Almost 2 hours away. Any ideas on how to make this day special? Or we could take a ferry to Santorini on his birthday. This will also allow for 4 nights in Paros.


Thank you!!!

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