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Name change before or after honeymoon?

So let me go through my thought process here. We get married October 12th. Our honeymoon isn’t until November 10th, a Disney cruise to Puerto Rico, we stay for 5 days, and then fly back to the US. So I have about a month between those two dates. Plus I can get the marriage certificate early to start changing my name. So I can have about two months to get all my documents in order. And I can get a marriage passport 3 months before the wedding (you just can’t use it until after the wedding date, which is fine for me). So, does this seem like a sound plan? Should I book everything in my married name? Or does this seem like a bad plan and I should wait until we come back? We are booking our flight tickets next month and I’m freaking out about what to do. I really want to go on honeymoon with my married name. As dumb as that sounds.

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