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Nassau Honeymoon Planning – Please and Thank you!

Hi everyone,

My fiance and I are looking at a 6-night honeymoon in Nassau. Right now, we're leaning toward staying at Atlantis – but we've read mixed reviews. We thought about the Cove, which seems more sophisticated, but we are now leaning toward the Coral (for price reasons). Any thoughts are appreciated. We liked the idea of Atlantis because, with Covid in mind, there should be a lot to do within the resort. We don't gamble or drink… how strong is this vibe at the Coral hotel? We're open to other hotels/resorts, so long as they're in a similar price range (Sandals and Baha Mar seemed pricier).

While staying at Atlantis, we still wanted to allot maybe 2 or so days for excursions. My thought was to spend one day in Nassau proper, and then one day for snorkeling and other water activities (Jet-skiing maybe?). Any suggestions here are appreciated as well. Would it be worth taking a day trip to one of the other islands nearby? Also, we're aware that these islands are, in many ways, tourist traps, but is there some way to experience or learn about Bahamian culture while there?

And lastly, we both love food (who doesn't?), but she's vegetarian. Should we expect many options? Especially in Nassau city proper, I assume it's a lot of seafood? Restaraunt suggestions are always appreciated.

Thank you!

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