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[Need Advice] Bali honeymoon, first time!

Hello, need some advice, planning a Bali honeymoon in May of this year, thank you in advance!

I’ve done some research, many of the questions below are to validate or confirm some information that I have.

  1. Is two weeks too long over there? Few friends suggest it’s too much as activities are all similar (beach, lounging, chilling…).
  2. Which cities are a must? Planning on going to three tops. Ubud, Uluwatu(?), and _______? Somewhere without too many tourists.
  3. Good hotels with private suites/villas with private pools? Open budget, looking for fancy but nothing insane.
  4. How do deal with insects outdoors and indoors? Not a lot of experience there.
  5. Carry card or cash? Anything not to carry?
  6. Red flags or people/places/things/scams to avoid or be careful of?
  7. Good idea to pack super light and buy some clothing there? Any shopping potential?
  8. Uber? Transportation from airport to hotels? From one city to another?
  9. Data on phone? LTE?
  10. Which airport to Ubud? Or nearest to.
  11. Romantic things must-do? (Not actually the last thing on my mind.)

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