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Need help choosing a honeymoon destination: Italy coast or Greek islands?

Just got married on June 2nd, and we didn't have the time or energy to plan an elaborate honeymoon while we were in the midst of planning a wedding so we decided to push it off until next spring/summer.

We're both in our early 30s and have never left the country so obviously we're a little overwhelmed with all the options of where to go! Given our interests, I've narrowed it down to Greece — not sure which island(s) — or Italy (somewhere near the ocean — Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, or Sicily. The plan is to travel (from Boston) for 10-12 days in May or June. Would be awesome to do both but I feel like we don't really have enough time to do two locations justice.

Some info that might be helpful: We're not big museum people, but we love good food and immersing ourselves in local culture as much as possible. We also love going to the beach (hence why we're looking at Greek islands and Italy coastline). When we go on vacation, we tend to do a lot of just walking around and exploring, stumbling into whatever or wherever looks interesting. Also love boat tours and unique hands-on experiences. It's the little things for me: good wine, good espresso, cute shops, a breathtaking view. My husband likes to stay active and be outdoors — he's into checking out local wildlife, surfing, etc. etc. It might also be worth mentioning that we don't speak Italian or Greek (but def open to learning some over the next year if necessary!)

If anyone here has any insight or input given that we have just between 1-2 weeks to travel, would love to hear it! I've read countless online articles about Greece and Italy but would prefer to hear directly from someone who's been to one (or both) on where they recommend going & why, and if there are any specific cities we should definitely be sure to visit or activities we should plan to add to our itinerary. For ex, if you recommend Greece, which islands are most worth seeing? If you recommend Italy, which coastal destinations are a must?

Thanks so much in advance!

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