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Need Help Deciding on a Honeymoon Destination for May 2025

Hi everyone!

My fiance and I get married May 2025. Originally, it seemed we had decided on Bali. However, after doing deeper research, we realized the travel time to get there will be pretty long (around 23 hours from Los Angeles). We are looking for a new destination, and I honestly feel a bit jaded and demotivated because I mentally committed to Bali. However, I'm coming here now to get some recommendations. Maybe some of your good experiences can bring me out of this slump!

*What we are looking for*: we would like to stay somewhere with beautiful beaches. Additionally, we are both really avid hikers, and would love to catch a few good hikes, so a place with beach *and* mountain/jungle would be perfect. Bonus points if there is someplace with a hotspring resort on a volcano (we perviously visited a volcano hotspring resort in costa rica and absolutely loved it). Note, the volcano thing is not a deal breaker. Also bonus points if the country has excellent food.

*Things that we are not looking for*: neither of us drink, so we don't really care for the party atmosphere or nightlife. We also don't want to visit a place that is unsafe and makes it so we can never leave the resort (for example: certain parts of mexico). Also, we want to avoid countries we already visited: costa rica, mexico, thailand, veitnam, cambodia.

*Budget*: we would like to keep it under $7,000 for approximately 10 nights. This budget does not include flights, as we are both using airline points to buy our tickets. What we really liked about the idea of Bali was the bang for buck value on hotels. I know we probably won't find anything that inexpensive closer to LA, but anywhere with lower prices would be ideal.

*Distance*: We would be flying from Los Angeles, so we would prefer to go somewhere closer than SE Asia. We are thinking a maximum of 12 hours flying time, but definitely the less the better.

Thank you all for your time, help and recommendations!

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