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Need help picking a honeymoon destination!

Hi everyone! Hoping to get some honeymoon suggestions based on where you have gone or where you are planning to go.

Here is what we have in mind for criteria so far:

-Duration: Likely 2 weeks but potentially 3

-Open to staying in 2-3 different locations over the whole trip

-Want to go outside of the US

-Will be going shortly after the wedding, in September 2024

-Want somewhere that is ideally warmer that 65F most days this time of year

-Love places where we would be able to easily take day trips to other interesting locations, bonus if the day trips are accessible by public transport

-Good mixture of relaxation opportunities and sightseeing/activities

-Not looking to be in a resort the whole time

-We love just walking around new places and exploring, so somewhere where this is safe

-We love cooking classes, museums, wine tastings, light hiking, beautiful scenery, good food

Our first thoughts have been Greece/Crete, Southern France, Portugal, Italy, Japan, Croatia, and Bali. If anyone has been to these places I'd love to hear what you thought and some activity suggestions! Or suggest some new places based on our criteria!

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