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Need help with Honeymoon ideas

Hello, Reddit world!

My Fiance and I are getting ready to get married in October and we are trying to figure out where we want to go for our Honeymoon. We live in Phoenix AZ and we want to go somewhere that's not longer than a 10-hour flight. we have been thinking about places like Belize, Cancun, Tulum, pretty much anywhere that's going to be warm in late December or early January. we are looking for places that are romantic and we can relax but also offer activities (We are active and like to hike and explore scuba dive, and do watersports). What are good places to visit that offer all of these options? obviously, we are picking the most touristy time to go but any recommendations on how to be less surrounded by people and families when we are relaxing. are all-inclusive resorts worth it? is the food good for all-inclusive resorts or do they only offer select things? we plan on doing 7-10 nights so we don't want to be bored or feel like we've been doing the same thing after being there for 4 days. looking forward to hearing opinions and responses. were excited to get married. Also, I should mention that our budget is between 8-12K. let me know if you think that's too much or not enough for some places.

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