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Need ideas please! For November 2023 from Cali…maybe London?

Hi, we are celebrating our one year in November and wanted to go international , we had wanted to go to Africa but we never planned it haha and now it’s too late. We did a quick 4 day trip after the wedding to Portugal so that was like a minimoon and we loved it but ideally we would’ve done Bora Bora or Maldives but it was last minute. but we wanted something with warm water/beach/good food which is not likely for November? If anything we’ll take good food, we were thinking maybe London? Is it similar to Portugal? But we aren’t interested in the monarchy. We are in our early 30s looking for some adventure and great dining lol. We’ve done Bali before and loved it! We’ve done Italy/ Paris/Amsterdam but we wanted something new to commemorate our 1 year.

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