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Need recommendations for a safe honeymoon destination

TLDR: looking for a March honeymoon destination for under $500/night that is safe.

Currently looking for a honeymoon spot that has an all-inclusive resort for under $500 a night. What I’m finding is a lot of travel warnings for places I had considered in the past – places like Mexico and Jamaica.

What we’re looking for: 1. Warm weather in March 2. Nice beaches 3. Safe cities with good culture for history buffs to explore. 4. Either all-inclusive resort or cheap food and amenities in the surrounding area.

My issues have been finding a safe place to venture off of the resort grounds. We’re not the type of couple to stay in one place very long. I thought Cancun/Tulum would be a great option but I’m hearing horror stories of couples traveling to the historic sites and getting robbed or nearly killed.

What destinations have you all found? Is there any others you’d recommend I look into?

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