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New Zealand

Hello! I'm sure this is not the average place to go to for this occasion but my fiance and I are nerds and I thought this place is beautiful enough, and also a bucketlist place to visit.

However, I've never visited anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere, let alone, on the other side of the world. (We're in the US). I'm trying to find out wedding dates that coincide with beautiful weather and flora for both where we live and in New Zealand for our wedding and also our honeymoon.

Can anyone tell me what it's like in the month of May in New Zealand? What flowers or trees still look like a beautiful spring/summer/fall vibes over that way? If Reddit allows photos, I do to. Just make sure it's nothing inappropriate (directing this at anyone who might be trolling).

I also am thinking of having a fall wedding here in the US but I know the travel expenses are less in New Zealand during the months of March to August (with March to May being somewhat in the more expensive side) and I want my budget for this to go towards what we're doing more than the flights there.

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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