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Non-beach non-adventure all-inclusive?

Is that a thing?

My fiance and I are getting married in a year and we love the idea of doing absolutely nothing on our honeymoon, aside from rest and enjoy the fact that we are married. When I say nothing, I’m talking: sleep, eat, have food brought to us or decided for us, drink, listen to music, read, sleep more, take a bath, maybe swim in a pool, eat more.. It seems like an all-inclusive would be our best fit, but neither of us are huge beach people.

I plan to use our bajillion credit card points that I have saved up over the past few years to pay for flights. We also don’t have a tight budget for the lodging/food. I would say somewhere in the realm of “this is really really nice, but not ultra luxury”. We also have plenty of time to look around and plan.

Any recommendations? We are based in the US but would like our honeymoon to be an international destination, unless somewhere in the US really calls our names.

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