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Not sure if our ideal honeymoon exists…

Looking to get married in spring 2020 (fall may also be an option) and beginning to think of honeymoon destinations.

It will be a relatively short honeymoon (4 days, 5 nights) and we have ABSOLUTELY no idea of where to go, even after somewhat substantial research.

With it being quite short, we don’t want the travel to exhaust us so no triple connecting flights to New Zealand. And on that same note we want to do things on our honeymoon but not exhaust ourselves with endless hiking and tours.

I have strongly considered traveling within the country for our honeymoon (not leaving the states) but have no idea where to go – we’re from the Carolinas so the Appalachian mountains and the Carolina coast is not a destination we would be interested in (we’ve lived in Charleston and spent extensive time at east coast beaches).

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

In terms of budget, I would say no more than $5K.

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