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Not sure whether to stick to only one destination or try for two

Hey yall!

TLDR: we want to go to both Italy and Greece in late July this year but don’t know if it’s too hectic/not worth it/just fine.

My fiance and I are getting married this June and we are SO late to the planning game. We’re hoping to finalize this week. We both love the idea of going to both Italy and Greece. We love the idea of the food and art in Italy and his family is from Greece, so it’s a homeland type deal. We’re trying to make the most of 10ish days, leaving on a Sunday (7/28) and returning on a Wednesday (8/7) because his work schedule is nuts and he doesn’t have more time off than that. He’s up for anything so it’s really up to me here and it’s way too stressful. We have a honeymoon fund set up to reimburse us for as much as it can. We like to ball out but don’t want to be completely broke lol. Nothing more than $200/$250 a night and want to see some sights and do fun local things.

Do folks have suggestions on how to plan, whether it’s worth it, should we just do one? Italy or Greece first (thinking Italy then Greece)? Are we nuts? lol


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