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October 2024 iteniary

Hey planning on flying to italy in october this year for 5 nights. Going to fly to bari then get train to matera. Will be staying for 2 -3 nights at sextantio le grotto della civita. Hoping to relax for a few days there walk around the area. Has anyone any information on hot air balloon rides in the area? Information is scarce on google on that. Any other must do activities in Matera? Bari dosent look like a must see destination i could be wrong just my opinion. So looking for places between Matera and Bari to fill the rest of the trip and get the most out of my trip to italy. Im aware of all the places along the east coast but not interested in those for this trip. Are there any wineries or unusual activites or things to see between Bari and Matera?

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