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October 2025 – Beach Resort w/ High Quality Dining, Spa, Shopping and good excursions/things to do

Hi All, we are in the beginning stages of planning our honeymoon. My partner and I want a beach resort (added points if it is Adults Only) that will have luxurious rooms and experience. It would be fantastic if it had an incredible spa for couples massages and then potentially a full-day type experience for my partner (Facial, wraps, etc.). I would like for the resort to have at least two on-site dining options that are high quality with additional restaurants close by. For shopping experiences a mix of places would be great, but focused on having designer stores. Finally, a place that would have great excursions and/or things to do (added points if it is somewhere we could rent a car and drive around).

As a reference point, I know of a resort that would meet nearly all of these items because we have stayed there. The Four Seasons Oahu at Ko Olina. The resort is fantastic, with a great general restaurant and a James Beard dinner restaurant (Mina’s Fish House). The shops in Waikiki are amazing, you can easily drive and circumvent the island in a day for sightseeing, and there are great experiences on the island (Lu’au, Pearl Harbor, Fishing, Diving, Kualoa, etc.). We would go back and do this, but we want somewhere we haven’t been. Plus, that resort is right next to a Disney Resort (no hate, but see added points for Adults Only).

We will be getting married in the Cancun Area, and then ideally flying straight to the honeymoon for 7-10 nights (TBD). We could do a stop over in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami (home) to switch out some luggage items, but not required. Wherever we go, I would prefer if we could avoid spending much more than 12+ hours to get there. So, I would imagine that keeps us in the Western Hemisphere.

As far as budget is concerned, I don’t like talking money specifics (weird quirk of mine), but I would hope that sharing the Oahu trip would give you an idea of the money we would be comfortable spending.

Any insights are greatly appreciated.

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