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October ‘23 Destination Ideas

Hello! My fiancé & I are getting married on 09/30/2023! The wedding planning is going well, with the exception of the honeymoon.. we are struggling to determine the best destination for us.

Extra details: We are both near 30 years old, departure airport would be SDF (Louisville, KY), planning on about a 10-14 day trip, with a budget of about $10,000. I also have some Marriott + Delta points that could be redeemed. We would prefer to not spend more than 10 hours in flight time each way.

Interests: Looking for a destination that has a nice mix of warm, sandy beach plus urban and/or historical elements. We love the beach, but get bored after a few days. Individually, I am interested in trying SCUBA, hiking, & historical walking tours. She is interested in some adventure activities like zip lining, interesting food options, & spa access.

We are a bit timid about booking a Carribean trip due to hurricane and rainy season, but could be swayed based on others experiences that time of year. Also concerned about fire season in CA near Napa & Yosemite (our original idea).

Any ideas? Realize we may find a destination that checks all boxes, but am curious to know what others have done.


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