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Overseas honeymoon? (Ireland?)


I’m in the US and considering an overseas honeymoon. While ideally we’d love to visit Japan, I know they’re still not really allowing tourists, so there’s no guarantee the borders will be open after our wedding next year. Second place in the “overseas honeymoon list” would be Ireland. We’re getting married in October next year. Anyone who’s honeymooned (or lived) there during this time, what’s the weather like? Would it be best to postpone the trip until spring?

But most importantly… I am not travel savvy, like… at all. And while my FH has travelled much more than I have, neither of us have really ever been out of the country, so planning an overseas trip is a little out of our realm of expertise.

Are there any websites for planning people recommend? Trusted sites where I can find vacation packages? (There are plenty of websites offering things when I google, but I don’t know what’s legit, honestly.) Or do you recommend just booking airfare and lodging and just kinda doing our own thing?

We are still in the very beginning of planning everything, so we have time to peruse, and may stay in the states if we can’t get our overseas plans in order and I’m perfectly okay with that! But I just wanted to throw out some feelers.


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