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Overwater Bungalow Suggestions?

I’m getting married on a Saturday in mid-May of 2023 in Southern California. We’re planning to take two weeks for a honeymoon immediately following the wedding and have always discussed doing 1 part beach/relaxing vibe and 1 part city/tourist vibe.

For the beach/relaxing vibe I think we’re pretty set on doing an overwater bungalow. We originally thought about the Maldives but given travel time plus the fact that Monsoon season begins in May (I think) we have turned our attention to Bora Bora. For the city portion we’ve always wanted to go to Japan so we’re thinking about Tokyo. The end itinerary would like something like LA to Bora Bora to Tokyo to NYC (where we live).

I’m not very well traveled so I was hoping to hear any opinions on whether or not this itinerary is practical. If not it would be super helpful to hear any alternative suggestions. I was also hoping to use points to cover a portion of the trip (maybe splurge on business/first class flight home from Japan) but all the different award programs and redemption options/rules are pretty overwhelming so any tips there would be much appreciated. I have about 350k chase points and would likely add another 100k just in normal course of spending over the next 1+ years but if I knew what points I may need in advance I would plan to open additional cards to get the sign up bonuses.

Budget would be +/-15k but if this is unrealistic it could be adjusted upwards. I imagine the bungalow would likely eat up a lot of the budget and we’d look to stay at more reasonable places for the second leg of the trip.


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