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Pacific vs Caribbean honeymoon – help needed!

I recently got married and am excitedly planning my honeymoon for February (next time i'm off from work)

My wife and I are looking for all-inclusive (all meals and alcohol) resort type vacation. Our ideal would be an island with both beautiful views, and mountain/jungle to hike. I am torn between some Caribbean (Sandals) resorts and Pacific island type resorts. We are looking for an 7-10 day trip. Money is not the biggest issue. All meals and alcohol are a must.

Currently, we're looking at a few Sandals resorts – Royal Caribbean and La Toc as well as some in Bora Bora, Tahiti, and Fiji.

I'm also open to the idea of island hopping for the right price.

Was wondering if anyone did all inclusive in either (or both) locations and could give me some guidance on how to proceed. I am a little paralyzed by choice since there are so many.

Also, was hoping for advice to use a travel agent or just try and figure this out myself.

Thanks in advance!

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