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Patagonia Honeymoon Recommendations:

We've decided to spend our honeymoon in Chile (going Nov/Dec) and use about 6 days exploring Patagonia (the total trip will be about 14 days). We're looking at spending some time in nicer hotels/locations so that we can see the park, do day hikes, fish, etc while still enjoying the food, wine & spa. Does anyone have experience staying at Eco Camp or The Singular? Those are the two places we're looking to stay while we're down near Torre del Paine. We're trying to decide if we'd like to split time between the two or just stay at The Singular.

Our other option is to just do the Argentinian side of Patagonia entirely and have looked into staying in El Chalten (Explora has a new location opening).

The remainder of our trip will be focused on exploring the wine regions of Chile or Argentina.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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