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Hey y'all! We are going on our delayed Honeymoon in May & my OBGYN prescribed me Megestrol (Megace) "off-label" to hopefully delay my period as it will/ would most likely inconveniently arrive the day of and last throughout our final day of vacation. I would like to hear other people's personal experiences with taking this medication in instances such as this. I understand medication can affect each individual differently, but I still would like to hear first-hand experiences. Thanks in advance y'all!

**** Also, I have PMDD. That is misery itself. But the physical act of menstruating is not something that brings immediate relief to me like some others. I remain a self-loathing blob of pure disgust throughout the luteal phase and until the bleeding stops.🫠 The bleeding actually makes it worse in it's own sickening way.

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