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Planning a road trip with Liberty Travel

Hey everyone,

My fiancée and I were supposed to get married September of 2020. We ended up postponing because there was a pepperoni shortage at the time (just kidding it was definitely due to the pandemic). Anyway, we had a trip booked to the Sandals in the Bahamas and we got our flight tickets back in June for like 300 total – we were stoked to be saving so much money. Our flights were cancelled and our travel agent at Liberty rebooked our hotel for our new wedding date coming up in august of 2021.

Now the prices for flights to the Bahamas are 600 each and we found out that under the current restrictions we would have to fly to the Virgin Islands then to the Bahamas and we would need to be tested in between each stop. We talked to our agent at Liberty travel and she said we can carry our money over to a new trip. We are now planning to do fly out west and road trip to Glacier National Park. Has anyone had any experience planning their honeymoon around a road trip? We will be calling to agent tomorrow to talk about things more in depth, but I’m also curious if anyone has ever done an RV rental through a travel company.

Disclaimer: I fully understand that this sounds like a terrible honeymoon to most folks, but my fiancée and I LOVE road trips and we’re trying to see all the national parks before we ultimately perish and can no longer see them.

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